I thought the Grr-ripper looked a useful jig/tool but wow, the price around £100.

So I thought I’d make something similar, and it’s turned out good and works really well.



Shopbuilt Gripper

Shopbuilt Gripper

Shopbuilt Gripper



Shop-built gripper

Custom Built Router Table

This conventional vertical router table, mounted on braked castors with built-in dust extraction is designed around the metric version of the Mast-R-Lift ll and the Portamate PM-P254 3-¼ hp Variable Speed Router Motor.

The split fence is fully adjustable and incorporates aluminium t-track , featherboards, stop blocks and dust extraction.

All drawers are on full-extension heavy duty steel runners.

The alternative is the horizontal router table.

Custom-built Router Table

Custom-built Router Table 2

Coping Sled

Tenon Jig

Spline Jig

Spline Jig

Adjustable Stops



Wadkin Bursgreen 12AGS Table Saw

This is the later model 12AGS with the much improved new style fence, which is a considerable improvement on the earlier fore & aft claw fence. A rise & fall & tilt table saw, which has a blade size of 12″ (305mm) and can make 4″ deep vertical cuts.

  • Table size: 1220mm X 865mm or 34″ X 48″
  • Table height 865mm
  • Total Weight 275kg approximately


Wadkin Bursgreen 12 AGS table saw

Wadkin Bursgreen 12 AGS table saw

Wadkin Bursgreen 12 AGS table saw

riving knife

Siemens Micromaster inverter

Tenon Jig

The tenon jig is from the design by Matthias Wandel and you can view a video of him demonstrating it here

tenon jig


Box Joint Jig

The box joint jig is from the design by Ed Stiles and you can view a video of him demonstrating it here

box joint jig

Mitre/cross-cut Sled

More information here

Mitre/cross-cut Sled














Woodworking Books For Sale

Band Saw Handbook Paperback: 320 pages by Mark Duginske

1,000 illustrations and step-by-step instructions offer a complete course in cutting basics: curve and circle work, straight cuts, unusual designs, and advanced techniques

£8 including free postage

Band Saw Handbook by Mark Duginske

Band Saw Fundamentals: The Complete Guide (Popular Mechanics Workshop)

Excellent, as new, condition.

This Popular Mechanics Workshop book covers every aspect of the always practical band saw, from choosing the right one (be it portable or bench-top, open or closed base) to basic and advanced techniques. Learn about its capabilities, different motors, and useful accessories, as well as how to make a variety of simple and compound cuts. See also how to construct shop-made jigs and fixtures, and maintain the saw for long life. Beautiful projects include a letter opener, a box with a drawer, a curved stationery box and a cabriole-leg stool. 192 pages with color photos. Paperback.

£8 including free postage

Band Saw Fundamentals: The Complete Guide (Popular Mechanics Workshop)

Success with the Scrollsaw Hardcover 1997 by Zachary Taylor (Author)

Excellent condition.

This collection of ten projects is aimed at the woodworker, experience or not, who uses, or is intending to use, a scrollsaw. The projects are presented with easy-to-follow diagrams and photographs, and topics include history and development, models available, and advice on materials and workshops.

£8 including free postage

Success with the Scrollsaw


Trend DC400 Dovetail Centre

Trend DC400 Dovetail Jig; Max Width 40cm

Multifunctional, variable layout dovetail jig that is completely free of adjustment.

You can change through dovetails to lapped dovetails, adjust the pin and tail guide finger positions, change work-piece thickness all without adjustment.

The two guide rails provide full support for your router base, so you do not have to balance your router on the edge of guide fingers as per conventional jigs and the carbon fibre finger guides click directly into the rear guide rail, engaging in an index strip at increments of 2.5 mm. This guarantees true repeatability and means you can restore or reposition guide fingers with absolute accuracy.

Three types of pin guide, angled pin guides for cutting through dovetail pins are available in five different angles from 7 up to 20 degrees, Common fork-shaped tail guides for cutting through and lapped tails and the straight sided pin guides for cutting lapped pins.

Fully enclosed body with a removeable window ensures routed waste is directed away from the operator and provides good visibility

Clamping channels with two independent parallel clamping bars require only a single hand to operate, enabling the free hand to position the work-piece.

The clamping bars and integral side fences are positioned close to the machining area, to ensure total security.

You can see it demonstrated here

The Trend DC400 Dovetail Jig is actually the metric version of the highly acclaimed Akeda DC16 dovetail jig. You can find out lots of information about the Akeda and watch tutorials here

Also the system is demonstrated in a video by ToolKing

And a review by FineWoodworking


Trend DC400 Dovetail Centre 1

Trend DC400 Dovetail Centre 2

Trend DC400 Dovetail Centre 3

Trend DC400 Dovetail Centre 4

Trend DC400 Dovetail Centre 5



Trend DC400 Dovetail Centre 8

Trend DC400 Dovetail Centre 9

Trend DC400 Dovetail Centre 10

9° dovetail joint



Dovetail Jigs


Stots Dovetail Template Master

This is as good as new and complete with original box, instructions and the pin and tail board that I made to help you get started.

Price £30

A detailed informative review can be seen here

A series of video tutorials is available here




Cyclone Vacmaster Cabinet

This cyclone vacmaster cabinet works brilliantly, and you literally get nothing sucked into the Vacmaster; it all goes into the sealed chamber below the cyclone.

When,  for example,  I’m using my router, I simply plug the dust collection hose from the router into the ‘suction hole’ in the front panel and plug my router into the socket in the front panel. When I switch on the router the Vacmaster starts automatically and continues to run for a few seconds after turning the router off.

I’ve got another vacmaster/cyclone setup, which has been in regular use for a couple of years, and I’ve never needed to empty the Vacmaster. Occasionally I’ve removed the HEP filter and blown it out with my airline, and all there’s ever been is a small amount of fine dust.

The Vacmaster models I use have Dual HEPA Filtration and 1500W twin fan motors and I’ve found them to be super reliable and quieter than most.


Cyclone Vacmaster Cabinet

Cyclone Vacmaster Cabinet

Cyclone Vacmaster Cabinet

Cyclone Vacmaster Cabinet

Cyclone Vacmaster Cabinet

AJH Bandfacer linisher 240 Volt

AJH Bandfacer linisher 240 Volt, belt sander

This cast-iron, heavy-duty 240 volt belt sander is in very good original condition.

Price SOLD

New bearings were routinely fitted recently to both rollers and it’s now ready to give many years trouble free service.

The belt width is 150mm.

Overall dimensions of the machine are:
Length: 600mm
Width: 540mm
Height: 200mm
Weight: 34kg

AJH Bandfacer 240 volt 1

AJH Bandfacer 240 volt 2

AJH Bandfacer 240 volt 3

AJH Bandfacer 240 volt 4