Wadkin Bursgreen 12 AGS Table Saw

Wadkin Bursgreen 12 AGS Table Saw

The Wadkin Bursgreen AGS table saw is renowned for its build quality and reliability, and will last forever. This rise & fall and tilt table saw has a blade size of 12″ (305mm) and can make 4″ vertical cuts.

The machine is in excellent condition throughout and with its original 3hp Brook motor can be used on a standard 3-phase supply or on a 240v single-phase supply in conjunction with an inverter (which is how I currently use it). The big advantage of using an inverter of course is having the benefit of soft-start and electric brake.


Wadkin Bursgreen 12AGS

Wadkin Bursgreen 12AGS Table Saw

Wadkin Bursgreen 12AGS Bench Saw

Wadkin Bursgreen 12AGS Rip Saw

Wadkin Bursgreen 12AGS Table Bench Saw