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Dominion Planer Thicknesser

Dominion Surfacing and Thicknessing Planer

This machine is very similar to the Wadkin planer/thicknesser, but has two advantages over it. Firstly, the overall table length is longer at  1220mm. Secondly it operates from one electric motor as opposed to two electric motors on the Wadkin, which makes it difficult and very expensive to use in conjunction with a VFD. The Wadkin uses one motor to drive the cutter block and a second motor to control the speed. The Dominion, on the other hand, uses a gearbox to control the speed and so you only need to use one VFD when using it in conjunction with a single-phase supply.

Motor 2.2kw (3hp)

Tables 308mm wide – 1220mm long

Thicknesser feed speeds 5m and 9m per min

Thicknesser capacity 308mm X 180mm

Length of thicknesser bed 610mm plus out feed rollers

Weight approximately 600 kgs

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quality Siemens VFD pre-wired and pre-programmed


Dominion 8

Dominion 9